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There Will Always Be A First Time

I wrote stories for my Indonesian comic books! Although it was hard at the beginning, it made some good reactions from the readers. I still learning to be better though.

But you know what? I never thinking that I will write story on my own for overseas country…..

But I did!

It was started while I dropped off a particular project with a publisher. My bad…

The basic story was set. The writer are fully confident that the story will fit well with my drawing style. Also verbally we got the deal with the publisher. But because some particular reasons, I just can’t do it at the moment. If there is anyone who can be blame. That was me. I just want to take some days off. Case closed.

But let’s see the bright side, I can finished my second book of Mahabharata that I did for local publisher. And the result is much better than the first book! And I can finished some postponed commissions for the fans!

Until one day the publisher offered me to contribute on his new magazine called Stripglossy. It is a comics magazine. and it’s brand new!

It was Seb van Der Kaaden the owner who contacted me by himself. Pheww!! lucky me. After I dropped off the project from him, he still gave me another chance!

I don’t have anything to contribute at the moment. But I took the liberty to accepted his offer. Even I didn’t have any story yet.
Since the offer was short story instead of full book, I think I can give a try to write it myself.

And yes it is gonna be marked as the first comic overseas that I will draw and write by myself. So that was how it happened…

Here is the peek of thumbnail of the project that will make appearances on Stripglossy Magazine Netherlands.




Commission Rules

I am always open for commissions. It is mean you can ask for me to do commission anytime!

We can always manage the time.
I possibly can draw or paint anything.

Check the Rules and price list below:

  • A4 Bust €50,-
  • A4 Full Figure €100,- (additional single figure will cost you extra €25,- )
  • A3 Bust €100,-
  • A3 Full Figure, less background €200,-(additional figure will cost you extra €50,- per figure)
  • Full sized A3 €400 (extra cost added conditionally)
  • All commissions in full color
  • The price is not included the shipping cost.
  • Decide! Then send me email to:





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Europe Tour II 2015

Europe II.jpg

It’s been a while since my latest entry in this section. I was just finished my second tour at Europe. I must say this tour was not really much different then the first tour (at Europe) last year. This time I still promoting Lemuria for book 2. Same countries (altough I have a bonus trip to Budapest Hungary), and some of the stores were the same stores like last year. Only this time I was with my wife alongside me ;). The other big difference is in this second volume of Lemuria, was published by another publisher for Holland edition. It is DON LAWRENCE COLLECTION! can u believe it? Sure you do.

The fans even more enthusiastic with this second book. which was quite surprising for me since this was second tour. Thanks to DLC for making much much better quality of Holland editions then first book by another publisher. While Splitter Germany still provided their best on the prints.

Last year I was traveling to every stores and conventions with writer Sytse S. Algera. On this second tour I was not always with him. I have to say that this time was more convenience. Me and wife were driven to the signing events with Rob Den Houter. A comic geek that really is a nice guy.

During this trip, I also invited to Frankfurt Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) 2015. I only could managed in one day instead of whole week of the fair. But that was really fun. Another two big events during this tour were COMIC ACTION at Essen Germany and STRIPFESTIVAL BREDA at Holland. There I met some familiar and still nice persons. I can not forget u guys. Thanks for being in touch with me.


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16th COMIC SALON 2014 – Erlangen/Germany


International Comic Salon Erlangen is two-yearly comics festival in Germany.

This is my very first International convention outside my country. You can imagine as a comic artist I had a great time, there were a bunch of comic fans and many international comic artists also attending this event. Full of excitements!

Let me ask u a question:
Do u know Jean “Moebius” Giraud? Don Lawrence?Milo Manara? Albert Uderzo? Gosho Aoyama? Art Spiegelman? or even Jim Lee?… Those are really well known comic artists that made appearance at the event. Sadly not while I was there. What I was trying to say is how happy I am that I was in the same event with them 😉
Hey but I was with another living legend Jaques Tardi! and many, of course.

Together with Writer Sytse S. Algera, we were invited by SPLITTER VERLAG to participate in their booth. Splitter always publishes premium comic books. It’s not because they are publishing my book The Lost Tales of Lemuria ( Die Vergessen Legenden von Lemuria ), but because they are really do. We had a great success there. People came enthusiastically for the book.
For me.. it’s very surprising that some of them are already became my hard core fans. Thank’s guys! U are ALL AWESOME!




behind the scenes

Painting A Panel

This video will show U how I did my work on Lemuria. I am using Goache over the artboard for the painting materials. Of course U don’t have to do it precisely this way. Some artists find their own technics that is much better for themselves. Please note that this video has been speeding up twice than it original speed. So I am not that fast 😉